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Quick Change plug in board for Rostock MAX, Orian and other Delta 3D printers.

* Made the thermistor connection the same as the fans and LED connection and added an alternative connection point in case the hotend interferes.
* You can substitute a 0.1" (2.54mm) pin header or JST for the Thermistor and fans if you prefer.
* LED resistor is now better
compatible with either 12 or 24 volts.
* Don't forget you can mount the connections (except the main) from either side of the board.
* A new build video is still planned but the one linked should still apply until I get it done.

View the build video
Latest build video
More suited for grove mount installations.

This Kit makes it easy to change out hotends so you can easily change from 0.5mm to a 0.35mm nozzle or simply to change out different Hot end types.
Swap out your ABS/PLA nozzle to one you like to use with Nylon or Bridge filament. Easily swap out hotends in the event damage occurs.

Groove mount compatible
Two fan connections
1 Part LED connection
Thermistor disconnects from the board for easy replacement
LED for hotend heating indication
LED for Fan operation
30mm Fan mount for barrel
Includes screws for groove mount top (Down load STL
groove mount clamp here)
E3D compatible.

Places all incoming wiring into a single 12pin Molex micro-fit connector (2 spare pins available)

This is a Kit and requires soldering and crimping. Recommended crimpers for pins of MAIN connector
Hotend NOT included

Changes from Version 1
* Holes for Hot end wires slightly larger for a better fit of 18 awg wire
* Added 2 LEDs, one for each FAN connection
* Uses a single Resistor Array for all 3 LEDs (watch polarity)
* FANs, LED, and Thermistor now use
Phoenix contact Pluggable connectors requires no crimping
* If the new pluggable connectors are not desired, the board can accommodate JST's like version 1 or 0.1 Standard pin headers. Specify when ordering if you prefer JST or the new pluggable connectors (PC).
* Jumper pads to enable power transfer on the mounting holes.

Assembly Video Part 1, Soldering the board.
Note: Assembly shows fan connectors on top and the Therm Connector on the bottom side. If you prefer, these connectors can be mounted from either side, top of bottom.

Note: board in the following videos is Version1, process is the same.
Assembly Video Part 2, Attaching the Hotend

Main Connector Wiring Video comeing soon!

Pin Crimp Video

More Photos

Groovemount Tips (E3D6 Lite)

Alternate E3D hotend mounting and example pictures here .

Some of you may already be set up with all JST connections for your fans and LEDs.
Here is one
simple solution to transition to the Pluggable connetors.

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