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Berd-Air MAX Cooling Kit V2

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Berd-Air Cooling Kit V2 Includes
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The V2 kit now includes a bigger better pump for more airflow and an additional straight pipe for direct positioning.

1 Berd-Air Cooling pipe Ring
1 Berd-Air Cooling pipe Straight
1 Berd-Air MAX Cooling Pump
1 1/16" I.D. x 1' tubing
1 1/8" I.D. x 3' tubing
1 1/4" I.D. x 2" tubing
1 1/8" "Y" coupler (for attaching both pipes)

Everything you need to get started with Berd-Air cooling. The 1/16" tube fits snug inside the 1/8" tube and the 1/8" fits snug inside the 1/4" tube so no additional connectors are needed.

The Berd-Air cooling pipe ring is designed to wrap around the nozzle of your printer directing air flow onto the material immediately after being applied.
This helps prevent softening and goo build up with small perimeter parts. The Straight pipe have a slot for the nozzle creating a "fan" type output and also opens up the end of the pipe for better airflow. These two pipes can be "Y"' together with the provided Y adapter and positioned to your specifications for Maximum air cooling from a single pump.

The Berd-Air cooling pipe is 4" in length (straight part) and can be bent and cut easily.
The Berd-Air Straight pipe is 6" in Length
How to tips

The cooling pipe can be attached to the small tubing and ran along with the existing wire harness to the hot end. This small tube can then be coupled to the larger tube connecting to the Pump. Use 12 volt power from your printers supply to operate the pump. You will need this small eSwitch Kit if you wish to connect directly to your 3D printer controller. A PWM will affect the speed of the pump, thus controlling the amount of air flow. Also Works great with this PWM motor controller.

It can be adapted to any style printer.

3D printable mounts can be found
here. and here. and here.

And one for the Straight Pipe

SeeMeCNC Forum Post

Now compatable with the Tiko using this Clip.
Note: if you live outside the USA, I suggest ordering an extra pipe. Shipping is high even for a single pipe.

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