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Electronics built and designed by Yellow Jacket Concepts
Custom Electronics - Wiring layout - Design Consultation - Schematics - Trouble Shooting Solutions - Training

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YJ-PAD V3 Image


Pick and Distrabution block Compleat

PWM Motor control Image


PWM Motor control
PWM motor control

eSwitch Kit Image



eSwitch Kit
Electronic Switch for Micro controllers

22 awg 8C Wire Image


22 awg 8C Wire
8c non-shielded 22awg wire

PC-4-P Male/Female pair Image



PC-4-P Male/Female pair
For stepper motor connections

E-Z Switch Image


E-Z Switch
PWM switch

Berd-Air MAX Kit Image



Berd-Air MAX Kit
Berd-Air MAX

Berd-Air Pipe Image


Berd-Air Pipe
Cooling pipe for small details

Elbow Image


Berd-Air fitting

Y coupler Image



Y coupler
Berd-Air fitting

Coupler Image


Berd-Air fitting

1/8" Tubing Image


1/8" Tubing
Berd-Air tube

2mm Tubing Image


2mm Tubing
Berd-Air tube

1/16" Tubing Image


1/16" Tubing
Berd-Air tube

PPC Black - HDPE Image


PPC Black - HDPE
Double shelf PPC

PPC Extra shelf (HDPE) Image


PPC Extra shelf (HDPE)
Shelves for the PPC

Vertical Casting system Image


Vertical Casting system
VCS compleate set

VCS Stoppers Image


VCS Stoppers
Stoppers for 3/4" casting tubes

VCS 7" Casting tubes Image


VCS 7" Casting tubes
4 Casting Tubes

Curly Maple Image



Curly Maple
** SALE **

Pen Stand Turtle Shell Image


Pen Stand Turtle Shell
9 pen Stand w/Card holder

Pen Stand Image


Pen Stand
9 pen Stand w/Card holder

Ring Mold Image


Ring Mold
Silicon Ring Mold

One Hit Kit Image



One Hit Kit
One Hitter turning kit

One Hit Kit 10 Image



One Hit Kit 10
One Hitter turning kit

One Hit Kit 20 Image



One Hit Kit 20
One Hitter turning kit

Custom Gifts Image



Custom Gifts
Hand crafted Products

Cotton T-Shirts Image


Cotton T-Shirts
Paper Or Plastic Tee Shirt