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Double shelf Pressure Pot Caddy

Support your blank mold to load and unload your Pressure Pot with ease.

Fits most standard size pressure pots, 9" diameter x 8" tall inside.
Fits Harbor Freight Pressure Pot.

Remove the shelves to hold tall molds and easily add a shelf to hold several small molds.

Designed for the Vertical Casting System using 3/4" PVC tubes (not provided).

Easy assembly, only 4 screws - 4-40 Stainless Steel screws and nuts provided.
Note: The parts come with paper masking on them. Please remove the masking before assembly.
The Laser cutting process will leave a char on the edges. This will clean up easily with Denatured Alcohol. Thanks!

Material: Melamine coated MDF, HDPE also

You can order blank (no holes) shelves instead of the VCS ones, or you can add 2 blank shelves in addition to.

Assembly Video (video show the single shelf PPC, but assembly is the same.)

Dimensions can be found

More exciting accessories coming!

Your Price:$22.50
Weight:2.000 lbs