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VCS 3/4" Stoppers

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Detail Image

Stoppers for 3/4" I.D. Vertical Casting tubes. (set of 4)

Easy to insert stoppers for casting round 3/4" blanks using the VCS casting tubes.
Each stopper has a center point and leaves a divot in the casting to mark center.

Recommend using the VCS 3/4" tubes.
These stoppers can be used with 3/4" PVC tubing. If you use your own tubes, be sure to chamfer the inside and outside edge to prevent cutting into the silicone and ease insertion.
Tubes with pre-chamfer edges
Tubes sold separately, or order a complete set and save!

Made of silicone rubber.
Clean with Denatured Alcohol or soap and water.

Set of 4 stoppers

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