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The RP-2ADP is an adapter for infield wiring of the DB9 Serial connector.

* Allows easy access to the TX, RX, and Ground pins.
* The RTS and DTR pins (Pins 4 and 7) are also
available for CAN bus or port powered devices.
* Tab for wire strain relief.
* Mounting Hardware included.
* Accepts 24 - 16 awg size wire.
* Male DB9 Connector
* Push button Spring-Cage Terminal block makes easy secure wire connections.
* Includes holes for Pin header if desired. (pin header not included)

99% of all RS-232 communications only require 3 wires, TX, RX, and Ground. Same goes for CAN bus, Can HIGH, Can LOW, and ground. These adapter break out the pins needed most which keeps the unit small and easy to use. The Spring-Cage connection offers a reliable, secure vibration proof connection and can be re-used time and time again, or left in place as a permanent solution. These can be paired as a quick connect splice as well.

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